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Milan, Italy, 16th March 2017 – Music, digital entertainment and virtual reality: these are all the ingredients of the new independent music label WANT Musik, a project started by Gianni Ricciardi, composer and sound designer in the videogame industry for over two decades and formerly co-founder of Ovosonico, the video game development studio known for his acclaimed Murasaki Baby on PlayStation Vita.

WANT Musik is going to deal with music production and digital entertainment like no one ever did before, involving professionals from the music industry and game audio field. Also, WANT Musik aims to explore the new possibilities offered by virtual reality, looking towards the future with innovation.

“The VR technology can open up completely new unexplored scenarios, ready to be discovered” says Murasaki Baby’s music composer, “Our mission is to offer new ways of interaction, immersive and interactive, which can redefine the musical experience. Thanks to this amazing and innovative technology, which has grown fast in the last few years, the listener could become the main character.

The upcoming projects will involve the partnership with international musicians like Howie B, the multifaceted producer who has worked side-by-side with artists such as Bjork, Brian Eno and U2.

The evocative and emotional power of music is what led Flavio Parenti, French actor and director, who played alongside with Woody Allen and Peter Greenaway, to join WANT Musik for a new cross-mediatic partnership.

“Today virtual reality represents a new media, just like the cinematography did at the beginning of the 1900, and now this industry is drawing the attention in all entertainments fields” says Flavio, founder of Untold Games, the development studio behind Loading Human, one of the game titles available at the release of PlayStation VR. “The 360° videos have already been successfully tried out in music. Using interactive media technology like videogames, we aim to go further and break the limits of passive observation. The listener now can be an essential part of the story, totally involved in a very personal musical experience”.

The first WANT Musik projects will be announced soon and they will involve music productions featuring artists from different countries, new generation’s music videos, which will be enjoyed on current VR systems and other collaborations close to videogame industry.