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Milan, Italy, 16th March 2017 – Music, digital entertainment and virtual reality: these are all the ingredients of the new independent music label WANTmusik, a project started by Gianni Ricciardi, composer and sound designer in the videogame industry for over two decades and formerly co-founder of Ovosonico, the video game development studio known for his acclaimed Murasaki Baby on PlayStation Vita.
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Don’t miss LET’S PLAY, the video games festival where our brave Music Producer GIANNI RICCIARDI will talk about Game Music and Virtual Reality. Stellar personalities on the stage!

  • Takeshi Furukawa – Music Composer for the game “The Last Guardian”
  • Tomonobu Kikuchi – Music Producer for the game “The Last Guardian”
  • Gianni Ricciardi – Music Producer/Composer (WANTmusik)

..and many others

LET’S PLAY: GAME MUSIC TALK – Rome, Friday 17h March 6.00pm

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We WANT to make together a great trip in Music, Virtual Reality, Games and so on.
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